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NOMENCLATURE - MODEL 4150/4160 Ref. No. Description Ref. No. Description 1 Dashpot Nut 2 Dashpot Assembly 3 Da shpot Bracket Screw 4 Dashpot Bracket 5 Throttle Lever Extension Screw 6 Throttle Lever Extension Nut 7 Lockwasher Extension Nut 8 Throttle Lever Extension 9 Solenoid Bracket Screw 10 Solenoid Bracket Screw 11 Solenoid Bracket 12 Solenoid Assembly
This is an electric (CCS) Motor drive head for your Happijac truck camper jacks. A part of their 2019 line of products, this is the new clutchless (CCS) motor.This motor, when paired with the CCS Control Board, will stop operating when you've raised the jacks into the closed position.This feature will stop you from raising the jacks too far and blowing a fuse due to the motor
Wrap the spindle with a rag and apply vise grips and attempt to turn the motor. If this fails we have a program to refurbish the motor head for $59.95. ( But does not include shipping ( ( this could be a high cost because of the weight and distance from and to 84037)) ). We also have refurbished motor heads for $95.00 or new motor heads for $179.95